Pellet types


Pellet Types

These diets are manufactured using an extruder (high pressure cylinder) through a mixing and heating process under high pressure.

By controlling the pressure and temperature simultaneously, the desired pellet can be manufactured to our exacting specifications.

Round Pellet

Most general, round shaped expanded pellets best for Koi, Goldfish and Cichlids. Selected ingredients are heated and kneaded with the extruder under high temprature. With this process, protein and starch bind together to make a firm though soft pellets, this character prevents dissolving the pellets while feeding.

Sponge Type Diets

Expanded pellets containing higher levels of air inside. When put in the water, they quickly absorb water and become sponge-like. This elasticity, not common in other foods, helps make them desirable to fish who normally eat only live foods.

Disk Type Diets

Thinly sliced pellets in shapes developed to conform to the normal eating habits of plecostomus, corydoras and other bottom type feeders.

Hard Type Diets

A food with very little air inside, designed to maintain its shape and integrity in water for a long time.

Hikari Tropical

Granular Type

A very small pellet made from pre-heated and powdered ingredients formed into small balls by using special, natural binders. Hikari's "Micro Coating" covers each granular pellet with a thin coating which keeps it from dissolving when put in water. Soft, easy to eat and full of nutrition, these pellets will not stain your aquarium water. Best for use with smaller tropical fish who would normally eat flakes.

Freeze Dried Food

Natural raw materials are rapidly frozen then dried in a vacuum condition as they are brought back to normal temperature. Hikari's pharmaceutical-grade process provides you with the best taste and nutritional value possible, significantly better than sun drying. Every Hikari Bio-Pure FD item has a well-balanced compliment of vitamins for good long-term health offering your pet a food as close to live as is humanly possible.