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Saki-Hikari® Quality Information

Saki-Hikari®'s benefits preferred by hobbyists and professional breeders worldwide?

Because,the quality and performance of Saki-Hikari® is easily recognized with continued feeding. Some of the many benefits include:

  1. Rapid nutrient utilization.
  2. Excellent feed efficiency .
  3. The good bacteria create beneficial digestive enzymes thereby improving the digestive capacity of the koi.
  4. The good bacteria utilize the food source required by the bad bacteria therefore reducing the number of bad bacteria.
    For further information, please see here.
  5. Additional vitamins & minerals your fish can utilize to support a healthy immune system.
  6. Bacterial decomposition of expelled waste.
  7. Reduced sludge in filter media leading to reduced cleaning and maintenance
    For further information, please see here.
  8. Improved overall water quality and a healthy environment for the fish.

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