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Saki Hikari

Waste reduction is visually apparent using Saki-Hikari!

The rapid, bacterial decomposition of the koi's waste caused by the "Hikari Germ" drastically reduces buildup in the filter media thereby reducing the frequency of regularly scheduled maintenance. Overall improvement of the water clarity and condition are side benefits of this process.

Test Data
Test period : 18 days
Test fish :
Nishikigoi, less than 1 year old
# of fish : 30
Feeding amount :
2 % of the body weight per day

Filter media after feeding experiment

Media from common food tank Media from Saki-Hikarił fed tank

Media from common food tank

Media from Saki-Hikari fed tank

After an 18 days feeding period the amount of accumulated excrement was compared. There was a significantly lower level of waste found in the Saki-Hikari fed pond media.

Collected filter media sludge

Collected filter media sludge

After thoroughly rinsing the filter media and precipitating out the collected sludge, the volume of raw waste collected in each of the test filters was measured. Test results showed the tank fed Saki-Hikari contained almost half the waste of the tank fed common koi food.