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Saki-Hikari® Quality Information

Look for original Saki-Hikari® package, for the Saki-Hikari® quality you expect!

To consistently deliver the highest quality we can offer, backed by our ongoing study of ingredients, nutritional requirements, production technology, packaging innovation and strict quality control measures, it is important that you only should buy our products in their original Hikari® package.

Every product we produce is packed in a clean, dedicated packing facility to avoid any contamination in packages that maintain product quality and freshness.

The shelf life is scientifically calculated by the Hikari® Aquatic Laboratory research team so each product meets our nutritional requirements until the best before date printed on the bag.

For best results, once opened, please store the product properly and use the package contents as soon as possible.

For these reasons, we cannot guarantee any Hikari® product which is not sold in the original package even if it has the Hikari® name printed on it.

Saki-Hikari 2kg
Shelf Life:3 years

Saki-Hikari 5kg
Shelf Life:3 years

Saki-Hikari 15kg/20kg
Shelf Life:1 year

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