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Hikari Koi Diets Pellet Function Guide

Choice the best diets for your purpose!

The Meanig Of Each Icon Complete diet with full of essential nutrition Color enhancing diet, brings the natural beauty of your koi
  Growth diet, for the healthy and voluminous body growth Easily digestive diet, highly assimilative thus reduce the feces
  Probiotics (Hikari Germ) added, promotes healthy growth Aggressive color enhancing diet, for the show grade koi
  High growth diet, championship sized koi is possible with this Best for even for colder seasons or water temperature is not stable
  "R Extract" provides koi keepers and breeders option to keep their koi in top form    
Hikari Staple Hikari Staple            
Hikari Economy Hikari Economy            
Hikari Friend Hikari Friend            
Hikari Wheat-Germ Hikari Wheat-Germ        
Hikari Gold Hikari Gold        
Hikari Spirulina Hikari Spirulina          
Hikari Excel Hikari Excel        
Hikari Hi-Growth Hikari Hi-Growth          
Silkworm Selects Silkworm Selects            
Saki-Hikari DEEP RED Saki-Hikari DEEP RED        
Saki-Hikari Balance Saki-Hikari PURE WHITE      
Saki-Hikari Balance Saki-Hikari Balance      
Saki-Hikari R Balance Saki-Hikari R Balance    
Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing    
Saki-Hikari Growth Saki-Hikari Growth      
Saki-Hikari Multi Season Saki-Hikari Multi Season  
Saki-Hikari R Multi Season Saki-Hikari R Multi Season